The money is available to individuals and groups to support valid cave research, cave surveyor projects and cave related science efforts. Please download the Science Fund Application PDF sfapp.pdf and the Grant-Policy and Process PDF sfpolicy.pdf files and mail it to the Cleveland Grotto with your contact information.

The Cleveland Grotto

Science Fund

6960 Hilton Rd.

Brecksville, Ohio 44141

Some previously awarded grants have helped to fund a survey of caves on Green Island in Lake Erie,

hydrology studies in Alaska and West Virginia, a water trace investigation at Timpanogos Cave National

Monument, a study of atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in caves in Indiana and Kentucky,

analysis of speleothems for climatic studies in Yucatan Mexico, and the publication and illustration costs

related to the scientific description of a new species of endemic, obligate aquatic isopod found in an Ohio


Previous grantees have published results in Journal of Cave and Karst Studies, The NSS News, The

Journal of Glaciology, The Cleve-O-Grotto News and the quarterly publication of the Indiana Cave Survey

and academic journals, among others.

Each year, the Cleveland Grotto (NSS-005) makes available grants for cave-related projects.The Grotto anticipates making three to six grants of various amounts to projects by members of NSS-affiliated grottoes. The funds are available from the Cleveland Grotto Science Fund which was endowed by Bob & Bev Danielson.

Past Grants:

- Analyses of the Two Northern-most Cave Adapted Fish in the World

- Age and Evolution of the Guadalupe Mountains Using Deep Phreatic Speleothems

- Predation Mediated Carbon Turnover in Nutrient-Limited Cave Environments

- Binkley Cave System Exploration and Survey project

- East Harbor Cave exploration and survey

Other Cave Related Grants:

Cave Conservancy Foundation,


Karst Waters Institute,


National Speleological Foundation,


National Speleological Society,